The Fashion Circularity Innovation Award

By putting sustainable, innovative and solution based strategies; design and talent in the global spotlight - the Circularity Innovation Award creates a unique platform for passionate and results-driven fashion change-makers to be recognized by pioneers in the industry.

Award Categories

1. Revolutionary Material and Design: Design for disassembly, Durable, Bio-Materials, Eco-Friendly.
2. Impact-Driven Communication: Sustainable Solutions, Education, Advocacy
3. Green Production: Eco- Supply Chain, Traceability, Regenerative, Production Process
4. Fashion As A Service: Renting, Upcycling, Second-Hand, Take-Back
5. Fashion Footprint: Carbon Emissions, Water Usage, Hazardous Substances, Microfibres, Waste.
6. Human Rights and Well-Being: Transparency, Ethical Labour Rights

The Jury

The jury is made up of representatives of fashion brands and relevant personalities in the apparel ecosystem, whether in technology or sustainability. Our 2023 jury will be announced in December.

When & Where

The 2023 edition will take place during the Yoonaverse event.
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